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Hey all :)
Long time since I wrote something. I've actually been shooting quite a bit, but I'm also too busy studying to process it as fast as I shoot it, so all these photos are sitting on my hard drive for a bit, collecting virtual dust and awaiting to see the light of day. They'll come around eventually :)

Anyway, I noticed something today, and that's that dA has been messing with print prices. Seems like some things got cheaper, but the prices I set have remained the same (resulting in me getting a higher royalty, which, while nice, is not my intention).
So, I have lowered the prices (this especially concerns large prints like 24x36 and 30x45 inches) of some of the prints I thought are most likely to sell. However, since dA has still not enabled any way to modify the pricing for all your prints at once (if they did, I must be blind), it's just too tedious to go through a hundred photos now and change the same set of numbers a hundred times over.

So, in case you are a potential buyer and wondering about a price of a large print, please contact me first so I can make sure it is lowered.

Cheers all!

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Hey there! :)

For the first time, I have decided to create a calendar of my works. It is focused purely on nature, and includes shots such as these:
Swan White by DanielZrno Quest for Holy Quack by DanielZrno Morning Romance by DanielZrno

The link to the calendar:…
(you can browse all the pages by clicking on the months below the cover image)

I hope it will make someone's room, and mood, a little brighter throughout the year :)

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Hey everyone, how have you all been? :)

I'm writing to say that I've changed my username.
"Quetzy" was created a long time ago... 7 years just here on dA, but it's been a name I've been using in other places too more than 10 years ago so I kind of went with it without much thought.
What started as an exploration of an art site became quite a journey, and since now I'm a lot more serious about photography than I've been back in those days, I think it's time to associate the account with my real name.

Also, I should really post more often, eh?
I've been doing quite a few photos lately but they were mostly of a 'touristy' nature, so I'm hesitant to post them here (mostly cityscapes and architecture).
I'll pick just a few that are special to me and put them up.

In general, I'm thinking of experimenting a bit with street photography too. It interests me, yet I've never found the time (or courage? :)) to jump into it.
What are your thoughts of mixing it in with the mostly nature/landscape gallery that I've got here?
I know some people make another account if they shoot two completely different types of photography (e.g. landscapes and portraits), but it seems like an unnecessary division.
What do you think? Would you be bothered by a mix of different styles or is it ok, or even desired?

I'll definitely be shooting more varied stuff, I'm just wondering how much of that to post here? (though considering my posting tempo, I guess I don't really spam anyone's inbox, eh? :))

Wish you all a great day :)
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w00t! Here's my shot at the NYC Times Square Exhibition!…

If you like what you see, press "collect me" :)
(if not, critique is always appreciated hehe)
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Ahoy folks! :)

I just posted a set of photos from the recent trip to Plitvice Lakes (the last submitted photo is from that trip). The lakes and waterfalls don't freeze this much often, so I couldn't miss the chance to go there...

Plitvice Lakes, February 2012 album

Let me know if you'd like to see a photo from the set here on dA ;)

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Cheers folks! :)
Got to let you know that my website is finally UP! :D
Check it out please! Critiques, comments and suggestions are welcome:

Daniel Zrno Photography

There's a bigger variety of work there since I focus my dA portfolio on scapes and nature, so check it out and let me know what you think please! (should I add some of those other things here too?)
Also, there is a blog there which I hope to maintain with some additional images and stories from the shoots.

p.s. from recent news, my facebook page is up too :)
Daniel Zrno facebook fan page

Have fun!
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Whee, I finally got around to making a dedicated photography fan page! Expect many more photos there, "behind the scenes", etc. Check it out, comment, ask questions... all feedback is appreciated.
Please also invite your friends if you think they might be interested :)…

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With everyone laughing at other people's failures, I thought everyone could use a dose of inspiration. This is what we are capable of, if we put our minds and hearts into something.
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...think about this:

Since I'm dabbling with the idea recently, I'm beginning to find out just how true this chart might be :S
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It's 30 minutes, but it's 30 minutes you want to take for this beautiful story:

Think I'm going to plant me some trees :)
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Hey everyone... today I want to share with you the work of one of my favorite photographers, Gregory Colbert.

(if you can, use the "enhanced experience" on the website, as it's quite an audio-visual journey that way...)

As a human being, these are the kind of moments I'd love to experience. They make me feel more like a part of this planet.
As a photographer, these are the kind of moments I would love to immortalize "on film" and share.
I'm hoping one day I'll get a chance.


p.s. I'm a member of:        

If you are relatively new to dA and find it hard to get exposure, give it a shot.        
#GetWatchers is a great way to get your art to a larger audience, and to reach new artists that may not always have their art displayed on the front page. If you have time to view other people's art and would like to have your art exposed in return, join :pointr: Here :pointl:.
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What do you think? :)

edit: hehe, I guess I should point out that I didn't write that article, I just found it an interesting ground for discussion ;)
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Absolutely beautiful video (turn on the sound and watch in fullscreen for full enjoyment :)):

I've been thinking of exploring both night and time lapse photography for a while now, and I think this video finally pushed me to actually do it.
Now, as a total newbie in both of those areas, I'm wondering if there's anyone with experience here that has some hints or pointers as to what do I need and where and how to start?

EDIT: found a holy grail of time lapse photography, anyone interested definitely check it out:…
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...and just in time for all the New Year's resolutions ;)
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Ok, this was a nice surprise. A very nice surprise! :o

Now I know how it feels to get your very first DD (and watch your message center explode :giggle:)
Thank you TommyGK for recognizing it, thank you Anoya for featuring it.

And a big thanks to everyone for watching, faving and commenting. I'll read everything and do my best to reply, even though it might take a while.

I'll do my best to bring you guys more of the beauty that surrounds me...
Cheers everyone, and may you have an awesome day!

update: Oops, forgot a link... this is the one:
Warming up the Land by DanielZrno
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Ahoy there everyone! :)

Today I've decided that not having time to learn how to make myself a good journal skin should no longer be an excuse to delay featuring the great yet unnoticed work I stumble upon, so I've followed it up with a bit of digging through my recent favs and I present to you the following works which, in my opinion, have gone under the radar for far too long (wow, that was one of the longer sentences I wrote lately =P).

1. rain dance by avspoisoner
A great shot with a documentary touch. When it comes to describing summer, this is spot on :)
rain dance by avspoisoner
Favourites: 16
Views: 142

2. Look Left by Aderet
Many little details make this photo very interesting to me. Take a deeper look for everything to sink in.
Look Left by Aderet
Favourites: 32
Views: 638

3. a place for two by lejaaaaaaaa
Nice moody shot that makes you think up a story to go along.
a place for two by lejaaaaaaaa
Favourites: 39
Views: 384

4. Risquinhas by LostImages
A classical horse-shot, this time with stripes. Great combination of mood and texture.
Risquinhas by LostImages
Favourites: 96
Views: 798

5. Lievre et colza by PierreRodriguez
This one is just so funny and full of life :)
Lievre et colza by PierreRodriguez
Favourites: 46
Views: 214

6. Desert II  by eyesweb1
A beautiful desert shot. I love the colours and the lines here.
Desert II by eyesweb1
Favourites: 24
Views: 88

7. Will they remember? by ArtOfAndreas
An interesting shot that made me wonder...
Will they remember? by ArtOfAndreas
Favourites: 31
Views: 498

8. nature of life by neoblu76
Simple. Colorful. Lively. I love it :)
Favourites: 15
Views: 35

9. Kastania I by Chris-Lamprianidis
A spooky scene, wonderfully captured.
Kastania I by Chris-Lamprianidis
Favourites: 44
Views: 334

10. Mak 2 by Klek
Classic, but as is with these shots - it's all about the tones, and the tones here are beautiful.
Mak 2 by Klek
Favourites: 45
Views: 150

Well, that's it for now. Hope you like the selection! :)
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How many of you see yourself in this? :)

p.s. thanks to spoilerhead for sending me this, I'm going to feature a work of his for finding such a cool thing. If you like it, give him some love :)

Lonely by spoilerhead
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Hey everyone :)

I just made quite a long reply to Thinking-Silence, regarding a little discussion we started.
Writing the reply, I also thought a bit more on the subject and as one who loves to debate (not so much to prove my opinions as much as to reevaluate them and hopefully learn more) I'd like to ask you all for your opinions on the matter too.

Namely, it's about the age-old issue of us, mankind, and the Earth.
It's about what and why we should do, as one of the Earth's species.

I'll copy an excerpt from that reply here, and I invite you all to join in the discussion. I really want to know how you all feel about the issue.

I'd always value life over non-living matter, infinitely so. Wouldn't you agree that no rock is worth a single life?
Ultimately, Earth is just one rock of many, floating in this practically infinite Universe.
We are also only one species of many, but - as far as we know - we are the most advanced one (and here I mean not just technologically but also spiritually and in every other way that life evolves...)
So, until a knowledge of superior species arrives, can you think of a single thing more worth saving than mankind?

I was just reminded of this, check it out if you didn't see it yet, it's a great speech:…
Carlin may be saying things many would find uncomfortable, but he sure makes you think things over differently (and I'd say in this speech, he is right).

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for saving as much of life as is possible, but if we have to choose between a child and a tree - I think most of sane people would save the child, right?
How about a family vs an island?
How about all the Hawaiians vs Hawaii itself? (as one of the most beautiful places on Earth)
How about all the people from e.g. South America, vs the continent as a whole?
And ultimately - how about all the people from Earth vs the Earth itself?

Let's assume a devastatingly big asteroid were to hit the Earth and split it in half, thereby "destroying the world".
Let's also assume that we have just created our first huge spaceship which would allow us to leave the Earth and create new colonies.
And finally, let's assume this spaceship is so big that - if crashed into the asteroid - it would "save the planet", but also make an explosion so big and radiation leaks so great, that it would erase the mankind below.

So, you have two choices:
a) send the ship into the rock, save the Earth, kill mankind
b) fill the ship as much as possible, leave the Earth, save mankind

In this highly hypothetical scenario, what would you do?
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Hey folks! :)

As you may have noticed, I'm back from Japan, so expect an influx of Japan photos for a bit :D

Also, as one of the additional steps of getting more serious about my photography, I have finally started to upload high resolution photos to make prints available here. You can check what's in store so far here:

I'll be adding more of the older photos as prints, so if you have a wish for a specific one, please let me know.

Last but not least, I upgraded my camera. It was about time, the 350 AKA Rebel AKA Kiss just wouldn't cut it anymore, and I've been drooling at the 5DMkII for too long now.
The opportunity presented itself, and I took it. Now I'm broke, but happy :)

Anyway, how have you all been?
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Ahoy folks :)

My message center has been on a bit of an explosion lately.
I'm getting into that period where it's hard to thank everyone for their input, but I still try to at least visit everyone's gallery and reply to everything. It will just take a bit more time :)
That said, my deviation watch list got up to 500 deviations again, but I'll get around to it soon lol.
I just wanted to say thank you to all who checked out my work, commented, faved or featured it. Love you all :)

Also, I would like to thank narcotistu, for featuring one of my photos in his blog.
There is also a bit of an interview about the photo there, so well, if you're interested in some back details on A place under the sun check it out here:… ;)

In other news, I'm off to Japan in two weeks, and in the cherry blossom season, so expect a taste of Japan upon return :)
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